Anger in the Workplace: Executive Coaching/Anger Management For High Profile Clients

Anger in the Workplace: Executive Coaching/Anger Management For High Profile Clients

Posted On: May 1, 2020

Anger is a normal human emotion that is secondary to stress, anxiety, depression or some other primary emotion.

Anger is not a pathological disorder. Therefore, it is not listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental and Nervous Disorders (DSM-IV). According to the American Psychiatric Association, anger is a lifestyle issue and not in the domain of mental illness.

There are seven signs that anger is problematic in a person’s life:

  •  When anger is too frequent
  • When anger is too intense
  • When anger lasts too long
  • When anger leads to aggression
  • When anger destroys relationships
  • When anger impacts health
  • When anger risks career derailment

The slow economy is unprecedented in its impact on professionals from most (if not all) employment sectors. For high-income groups such as physicians, attorneys, entertainers and executives, loss of income and or status trigger stress, depression, anger, and, often, person-directed aggression.

For the first time in the history of Executive Coaching for Anger Management, the number of volunteers and mandated referrals are coming from H.R. Managers, risk management professionals, intimate partners, and physician well-being committees nationwide.

Previously, most referrals for anger management came from the courts and the criminal justice system. 
As high-income professionals experience the positive effects of the skill enhancement components of executive coaching/anger management, they refer or recommend coaching for colleagues, direct reports, or family members.

-by G. Anderson


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What is Anger?

Anger Management

Actually, What is anger?

It is a natural emotion that can be controlled. When that happens, this emotion will revert back to normal behavior. However, with such disorder in us controlling our emotions, some people may react harshly thus giving problems to people around them.

At times, relationships between family, relatives, and friends are often affected because people are not able to control their burst of anger. The way the person thinks is often the most important factor as you want to re-align their attitudes and thoughts. By doing that, you are dealing with anger management to improve your life.

How can anger management help in one’s life?

Not just any ordinary anger management, but applied anger management, people will try to limit the amount of verbal swearing and adjust their talking that maybe consider threatening.

When matters get worse, and people got angry, they tend to be over-dramatic and irrational about the matter. Their mind is only thinking of getting themselves noticed and heard.

Before matters got worse, they became very paranoid and suspicious. As most people took anger management, they should take this opportunity to identify the anger triggers and try to make the person think differently.

With applied anger management, we want the participants to think of their actions that the society can accept. These management programs will make the person examine what behaviors they project that is acceptable and unacceptable.

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