The Scope of Anger Management Practice Expands

The Scope of Anger Management Practice Expands

Written by my mentor, G. Anderson

As we begin 2011, Anger Management is frequently being seen as a practical application of Emotional Intelligence Skill enhancement in self-awareness, self-control, social awareness, and relationship management.

The definition of Anger Management as training, as opposed to counseling or psychotherapy, is increasingly accepted by the medial and the general public. The new Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of  Nervous and Mental Disorders does not list anger as an illness. Rather, while anger is the symptom of a range of disorders, it is not an illness. Instead, the way one responds to anger is learned and any learned behavior can be changed.

The Scope of Anger Management continues to expand as the importance of Emotional Intelligence in interpersonal relationships and leadership becomes better known.

Here is a brief list of interventions that involve anger management/self-control:

  • Coaching for “disruptive physicians”.
  • Emotional Intelligence for Couples.
  • Organizational Anger Management for violence prevention or customer services.
  • Adolescent Anger Management
  • Adult Anger Management
  • Anger Management Courses Middle Managers
  • Civility Training for Attorneys
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leadership

Business and Industry are beginning to recognize that Anger Management is an investment rather than a cost.

Leonard Campbell

The Way Education and Counseling Center, LLC


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